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Sir Les


The Les Paul Custom

The first version from 1954 - 57 and is distinguishable by its black pick-ups

The second version from 1957 - 61 had 3 Humbucker pick-ups

The third and final version 1968 - present has 2 Humbuckers



The Les Paul Classic

Built from 1990 to the present

The Classic/MIII 1991/92 Classic Celebrity 1992 Classic Plus 92 - present (3 pick - ups)

1993 saw varied models The Classic Birdseye, Premium Plus, Premium Birdseye, Premium Plus this reffered to the quality of the top lumber.

 Pete Townshend favoured axe from 76 - 96


The Les Paul Studio (Kev's)

This model became available in 1983

The Studio Custom 84 -85 and the Studio Standard 84 -87

The Studio Lite was also available from 1988 - 90 (dot markers) then from 1990 - current (crown markers)



The Les Paul Jimmy Page Limited Light Honey Burst

This is of course a marketing ploy as Jimmy Page has 3 Main Sunburst Les Paul's.

No:1 is a 58 with a modded bridge pick-up.

No:2 is a 59 Sunburst a gift from Joe Walsh. It has Phase and Series/Parallel switching hidden just beneath the pick guard.

No:3 is a 92 Sunburst made by Roger Giffin at Gibson's West Coast Custom Shop.



Gary Moore plays a 1959 Sunburst which was given to him by the legendary Peter Green, from Fleetwood Mac.

Jeff Beck played a Brown Les Paul Classic for his recording of Blow by Blow, released in 75 and produced by George Martin.

George Harrison had a 68 Red Les Paul (given to him by Eric Clapton) which started life as a gold top, due to the visible offset join.





 Well I have succumbed, and have added to my collection.

I have bought a Fender Stratocaster, Signature. "Eric Clapton's Blackie"!

This differs greatly from the Les Paul, immediate difference is weight.

I feel I can take the Fender away with me on my travels, I have a Pandora's Box, which allows me to practise anytime.

Its facilities are fantastic, considering this costs around £100.


The guitar does feel nice though, with the V-shaped neck profile, It has active pickups, and the Mid Boost is mammoth.

Mondays means "therooms" in Farnborough, making a terrible racket with some like minded TV types "Heavy Pencil"!





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